How Much Did We Spend on Our Wedding? [How to Better Plan and Manage Your Wedding Expenses in 2022]

The shutter sound of a Polaroid camera followed by a flash captured my soon-to-be wife and I. As the picture was developing, we finalized the last details of our purchase with the salesman. 

If You’re Single and Depressed, Read This

You just graduated and segueing into the working world. Naturally the next step will be to work hard, build up your finances and settle down when the time is right. The first two milestones is easy. Most...

The Complete Muslim-Friendly Guide to Choosing a Life Partner

‍Is he/she the right one for me? Do I start to get serious about marriage? What if there is someone better? Or worse, what if it doesn’t work out? These are the questions you will ask yourself after knowing...

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