Hello there. Welcome to PeacefullyMarried; the one-stop platform for all your relationship and marriage resources. The content is geared towards Muslims, but non-Muslims are welcome to read and pick the parts which may benefit you. 

Who am I 

I am a Malay Muslim guy living in a cosmopolitan city called Singapore. I have a day job. But outside office hours, I enjoy spending time with the family and work on creating meaningful content here for the audience. 

Why PeacefullyMarried? 

It stemmed from a problem I had when I was looking for online resources on relationships and marriage, specifically for Muslims. While there were many blogs, only a few were reliable. 

Hence, I decided to curate resources and contribute to this space with hopes that I can be helpful to anyone who is looking for answers on relationships and marriage. 

One disclaimer though 

I write based on the research I have done and weave it with my own experience. If you are facing serious issues with your relationships/marriage and need urgent help, please approach the experts. 

I’m happy to connect 

If you have specific topics in mind that you’d like me to write, ideas for collaboration or just want to say hi, please feel free to reach out to me here =) 

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